Priorities and Important Issues

  • Constituent Services: Dan knows citizens can need help dealing with city bureaucracy. In his office your calls will be answered, your emails and letters will be read and responded to. Serving all BC constituents is a top priority for Patterson.
  • Economy & Jobs: Dan supports local business and fair competition. Patterson is pro-labor and backs workers’ rights. As your councilman, Dan will lead for a stronger BC economy and better jobs. He’ll work to curb housing and cost-of-living prices. Dan opposes raising taxes on citizens, especially already high and regressive sales taxes. Patterson will work for a fiscally-responsible, cooperative city to advance a healthy, sustainable business and labor climate.
  • Public Safety: Dan has real-world first responder experience as a Wildlands Firefighter. Patterson was awarded in 2021 by the Southern Nevada Health District for his ‘dedication to the mission, health, and safety of our entire community’ while serving on the global pandemic response. Dan understands and backs BC fire, police and animal control, while also ensuring they’re held accountable. Further supporting safety, he’s a gun owner who respects citizens’ rights for legal, responsible ownership of firearms.
  • Parks and Pool: Dan and his family use BC parks and the public pool. Parks help make Boulder City green and must be maintained. He supports a new pool based on the $27 million backed by voters. After city delays, cost overruns have inflated the costs to $37 to $44 million. Dan opposes moves by the city manager and council to raid our capital improvement fund to build an excessive pool, but if voters approve it he’ll support their will.
  • Short Term Rentals: As a homeowner himself, Dan recognizes the potential peril of unregulated STRs. He’ll work toward a compromise, regulating STRs where the owner is present on the property. People in BC who may be ‘house rich, but cash poor’ deserve creative options to enhance their income while protecting neighborhood values. A full STR ban is overly broad and puts the city at risk of expensive litigation.  
  • Airport: Dan will work cooperatively to ensure taxpayers get a more fair return on airplane hangar leases, based on market rates in metro Las Vegas. BC citizens should not be subsidizing rich private airplane owners.
  • Water & Energy: With 30 years of water, energy and natural resources experience in the desert, Patterson is a champion for our water rights. Dan recognizes that BC’s clean water is at risk. He’ll lead BC to defend our water rights, cooperatively adapt and develop a comprehensive water conservation plan. He knows energy efficiency helps our economy. Increased conservation and infrastructure investment makes sense to save us money long-term and keep BC utility rates low for residents.
  • Growth, Open Space & Wildlife: BC is big with over 133,000 acres within our city limits. 87,000 acres are conserved by the BC Conservation Easement for desert tortoise and other wildlife habitat. Patterson is a lifelong sportsman. Just as Dan did as a federal government whistleblower in 2020, he’ll watchdog our lands to protect our quality of life. Citizens support BC’s slow growth ordinance, intended to limit population growth to less than 3% per year. BC should consider strengthening the limit to 1-2%. As your councilman, Patterson will monitor slow growth, city lands and our conservation easement. BC should be more vigilant against Henderson sprawling into the Eldorado Valley. Our lands should not be sacrificed to big energy CEOs or sprawl developers.
  • Separation of Church and State: Dan follows the US Constitution, which prohibits government from favoring one faith over another or establishing an official religion. Protecting people's right to decide their religion and spirituality without government favoritism or interference is a foundation of our democracy that Patterson strongly supports. He’ll work for equal rights for all.