Priorities and Important Issues

Daniel Patterson, Independent, like Nevada!

Daniel is an Independent working for you, not political parties or lobbyists. He’ll resist partisanship to focus on positive progress for common sense, common ground issues. Daniel Patterson is the most capable candidate to work with the majority and serve effectively by listening to all citizens.

Stronger Economy

Daniel Patterson will strengthen state leadership for better wages, and to help reduce skyrocketing housing and cost-of-living prices. He is pro-business with a small business background, focused on supporting small/mid-size local biz and fair competition. Patterson backs workers and he’s pro-labor. Daniel wants a fiscally-responsible state to advance a healthy, sustainable business and labor climate. He does not support new taxes on Nevadans, especially of already high and regressive sales taxes.

Water Security

Our water is at risk now and in the future. Without enough clean water we have no civilization or economy. Daniel will push the state to defend our water rights, cooperatively adapt, and boost water conservation. With nearly 30 years of water, natural resources and climate experience in the desert, Daniel is a wise champion for our water rights.

Constituent Services

Daniel Patterson knows citizens can need help dealing with state agencies and issues. In his office your calls will be answered, your emails and letters will be read and responded to. Serving constituents is Daniel’s #1 priority, and the most important job of elected officials.

Public Safety and Justice

Daniel Patterson has real-world experience as a Wildlands Firefighter. Patterson was awarded in 2021 by the Southern Nevada Health District for his ‘dedication to the mission, health, and safety of our entire community’ while serving with the Clark County Fire Dept. on global pandemic response. He understands and backs fire, police and first responders. Daniel is pro-Veteran. He’s a gun owner who recognizes citizens’ rights for legal ownership of firearms. Daniel supports common sense criminal justice reforms and alternatives to jail focused on rehabilitation.

Human Rights and Health

Daniel is father to his daughter and a husband, son, uncle and brother who believes in equal pay and the right to choose for women. He wants everyone to have access to decent medical and mental health care. Patterson is pro-family, anti-racist, pro-democracy and anti-fascist. He’s an ally for LGBTQ+ equality. Daniel knows we all have a right to clean water, clean air and decent food.

Smarter Education

Daniel Patterson is a graduate of public schools, and the son and brother of teachers. He’s working for quality, accountable public education for all Nevadans. Dedicated teachers who are helping shape our kids’ futures must be better paid and respected. The state should lead by funding and supporting reasonable local control by school districts. Daniel advocates for our colleges and universities, economic engines of knowledge linked to our quality-of-life.

Advancing Energy

Patterson knows efficient, clean energy is a positive for our economy and quality-of-life. Increased energy efficiency and conservation makes sense, and should be top priorities to save us money. Daniel supports solar and wind power, especially when wisely sited near users on developed and degraded lands. Community-based local clean energy is an efficient alternative to over-reliance on a vulnerable and costly electrical grid guarded by monopolies.

Tribes, Public Lands and Wildlife

Daniel holds that as sovereign nations, Tribes must be fully consulted by agencies. Daniel Patterson is a watchdog to keep public lands in public hands. Just as he did courageously as a government whistleblower in 2020, Daniel stands tall for conservation access to our scenic public lands and waters for hunting, fishing and recreation. He knows our public lands should not be sacrificed to big energy CEOs or developers. Patterson is a life-member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. He supports the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife’s habitat conservation and restoration efforts.